Live life smiling

That’s our goal at
Wedding Orthodontics.

You and your smile take center stage in our office. Our goal is to make you feel like you are our most important patient . . . because you are. You are the rock star. You are the celebrity. When you walk in our office, we want it to be the highlight of your day!

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What you can expect

Our Full Attention

Orthodontics is all we do! We’re not distracted by anything else. Our focus is you and your smile.

Innovative Techniques

These are not your father’s braces. No more goopy mess for molds—our digital scanner customizes your treatment with a minimum of fuss.

Financing to Ease Your Mind

With our flexible financing, we offer plans to make your treatment truly affordable. Life is expensive—braces don’t have to be.

A Beautiful Smile

We deliver exceptional results, and we’re not just talking about teeth. Your smile will be fantastic—and your confidence will match.

New Friends

You’ll find yourself looking forward to treatments just so you can hang out with our incredible team. You’re not just getting braces—you’re getting friends for life.

Something Bigger than Yourself

We give back to our community through giveaways, fundraisers, sponsorships and more. When you join our family, you’re helping us reach Owensboro for good!

About Us

We are about you. We focus entirely on delivering a beautiful smile that gives you confidence to face the world. We know you are going to do big things, and we are grateful to play a small part in supporting you. We do this by exhibiting five character traits that define everyone who works here. We are:


Many patients are understandably nervous. We’ve been around long enough to see every kind of case (sometimes in our own kids!), so we know just how to calm you down and put your mind at ease. (Plus, you might get a treat . . . )


Our last appointment of the day gets the same enthusiasm as the first. We love our patients, and we’re committed to giving each one our best.


More than 30 years together means we know instinctively how to work together to give you the best experience. We know what works best, who can do it best and we’re here to serve.


We love new technology, but only for your benefit. If a cool new tool won’t help you, we don’t use it. If tech can make your treatment faster, better or more pleasant, we’re on it.


Giving back to our community is one of our top values. Whether we’re sponsoring an event, recognizing teachers or holding giveaways, we want to share our blessings with our community.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Durall opened our office more than 30 years ago. In the decades since, we have become a family, and we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Dr. Tony Durall

“Doc” has enjoyed helping to build the smiles and foster the positive self-image of over 11,000 amazing people in the Owensboro area over the last 37 years. He was voted “Owensboro’s Best Orthodontist for 2018” through the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer. Dr. Durall attributes the practice’s success to the amazing women that have been a part of his team over the years, putting their hearts, energy, and talents into making each patient’s experience an amazing one.


Dr. Durall is a proud alumnus of the University of Kentucky and University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, as well as Saint Louis University Orthodontics residency. He and his wife Cindy started the practice in 1981 with the simple charge to “make each and every patient feel special.”

Dr. Durall is an active member of the American Association of Orthodontics, Western Kentucky Orthodontic Study Group, OKU Dental Honor Society, and Green River Dental Society.

He enjoys spending time on the lake, music of any kind, Kentucky sports, and watching his four grandsons and one granddaughter in all of their adventures. Dr. Durall considers his greatest accomplishments being married to the love of his life, Cindy, for 43 years, raising two amazing daughters, Emmy and Sarah, and watching their successes in becoming the remarkable women, wives and mothers they are today.

Dr. Justin Wedding

Dr. Wedding and his wife Madison joined the practice in 2017 to continue the legacy of service and kindness that Dr. Durall and his “Dream Team” had fostered over the years. Dr. Wedding’s passion is to create an amazing orthodontic experience for patients through positive energy combined with new technology and creative problem solving.


Dr. Wedding also completed his undergraduate and dental training at the University of Kentucky. He graduated from his orthodontic residency program at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2017. Dr. Wedding served as chief resident in his third year of residency, where he helped transition the program to entirely new faculty leadership.

Dr. Wedding is an active member of the American Association of Orthodontics, Green River Dental Society, and Western Kentucky Orthodontic Study Group. He is a delegate to the Kentucky Dental Association, a board member on Daviess County’s chapter of the UK Alumni Association, and a member of OKU Dental Honor Society. Dr. Wedding is also proud to be a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider, meaning he is the top Invisalign clear aligners provider in Daviess County and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Wedding enjoys barbecuing, golf, outdoors and reading. He is an avid sports fan, especially all things Kentucky Wildcats. Spending time with his wife Madison and his family is his favorite pastime.

Meet the Team

We couldn’t do it without our amazing staff! Our team members are the heart and soul of our office. Most of them have been serving with a smile for more than 20 years, and we can’t imagine the practice without them. Just click below to learn more about each one. (We won’t say who, but someone’s favorite quote may involve Cookie Monster.)

> Click here to meet our staff

Giving Back

At Wedding Orthodontics, we are passionate about spreading the impact of our practice into the Owensboro community and beyond. Through support of groups such as GRADSA, Wendell Foster, Life Community Church’s “A Night to Shine” event, and Apollo High School’s Dance Blue, our goal is for our practice to help those around us “Live Life Smiling.”

Check out our recent community involvement HERE.

Sponsorship Request

Wedding Orthodontics takes pride in supporting various community driven organizations and we’re thankful to be able to help. All sponsorship requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. We focus the majority of our sponsorship efforts towards giving back to our local schools and educators and prioritize supporting our patients’ endeavors, along with charities near and dear to our hearts.



Our treatment team is the best around. They have never met a stranger, and they are so experienced, they could treat you with their eyes closed. They’re talented and competitive, but they work together seamlessly on every case. (And don’t worry, they keep their eyes open. Usually.)

Early Treatment

Help your child avoid orthodontic troubles with early treatment at Wedding Orthodontics. Visiting by age seven helps identify early issues like improper jaw growth or problems with tooth eruption and crowding. If a child’s teeth are clearly crooked, braces can straighten their teeth early so they avoid teasing and bullying or any developmental problems. We also want to prevent later issues, and it is easier to straighten a child’s teeth and jaw while they are still growing. We thrive off the opportunity to make a positive impact on your child’s self-esteem and self-image.

Adult Treatment

We believe the positive health, self-image, and aesthetic changes our patients experience are for people of all ages. Whether you have never had orthodontic treatment before or need an update to your smile after adolescent treatment, we offer a wide range of treatment options to fit your needs. INVISALIGN is a popular option for adults. We understand how busy you are, and we are committed to working with you to give you the best possible experience and outcome. It’s never too late to enjoy your most beautiful smile and most confident self.

Impressionless Treatment with Itero Intraoral Scanner

Goopy, gaggy impressions are often the most unpleasant portion of patients’ orthodontic experience, so we did away with them. The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner system is the most accurate, sophisticated and fastest impressionless scanner on the market. It allows us to make all of our appliances, retainers and clear aligners without traditional impressions. We can complete a full scan on our patients in less than five minutes, with more accuracy than a traditional impression. (Our team may or may not have a running competition to see who can produce the best and fastest scans.)

Indirect Bracket Bonding

We constantly strive to improve patient experience through efficiency. Ideal bracket placement can cut your office visits by up to 40 percent! We start by taking a precise digital scan of your teeth that we upload to our Suresmile simulator. This lets us precisely position the brackets on your teeth and run a simulation of how your smile and bite will look. Once we finalize the bracket positioning, we 3D print a tray that will hold the brackets in their exact position. Indirect bracket bonding then lets us complete the bonding appointment in less than an hour, which is about half the time of a traditional treatment.


So you want invisible braces, huh?

We can do that! We are the leading Invisalign provider in western Kentucky and the first orthodontist in Daviess County to earn the designation of Invisalign Gold Plus Provider, so you have found the right place.

The Invisalign system we use is the world’s most advanced clear aligner. It’s backed by 20 years of research, more than 900 patents, data from 5.5 million smiles and the world’s largest 3-D printing operation. (See, we told you we like technology.)

Invisalign works well for adults who want a discrete solution to their crooked smile or misaligned bite. Invisalign aligners are custom-fitted clear plastic trays that are comfortable to wear and effectively invisible. You’ll wear the aligners for 20-22 hours each day – you can take them out to eat or for special events. As your teeth change and your smile improves, aligners are switched according to your unique treatment schedule.

Today’s teens are busier and more active than ever. Traditional braces sometimes do not work with their lifestyle, but they still deserve a beautiful healthy smile. Whether your teen is extremely active with a very busy schedule, or just wants the clear aesthetic benefits of the Invisalign system, we can discuss if the Invisalign clear aligner system may be right for them at your complimentary new patient visit.

To set up an Invisalign consultation, CONTACT US HERE!


Showing you how we care

We get it. We know you lie awake at night wondering how you’re going to pay for braces. Some of you even have to pay for more than one kid at once! We do our best to keep the costs down, but we understand treatment is still a big expense. Here’s how we can reduce your stress and get you back to sweet dreams:

Adjustable down payments

We don’t want to prevent treatment from starting, so we offer down payment options you can actually pay.

Flexible monthly payments

We’ll work with you to come up with a monthly payment plan that fits into your budget.

Payment periods

We can extend financing for longer periods to bring your payments—and your stress levels—down.

We are happy to give you options to pay for your kids’ braces. They may not realize it right away, but this is a gift you’re giving them, and we’re glad to help with flexible financing terms. We do all of our interest-free financing in-house, with no third-parties involved. They don’t know you like we do, and we want to take good care of you. You don’t have to stress anymore. We’re here for you.


 Have specific questions about financing options?
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Success Stories

I can’t say enough wonderful things about these people. All four of our girls are patients and we all love Dr. Durall, Dr. Wedding , and the staffs! It is always a pleasant experience and they are getting the best treatment.


This office is so light-hearted and welcoming on top of their expertise and competence. I ALWAYS leave here in a better mood. And now they have a coffee bar to boot! Love working on my teeth and smile with such good people.


5 H-U-G-E Stars! As a patient, you will rest much easier knowing that this Awesome TEAM of experts have your best interest in mind each time you walk through the door. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional!


Getting Started

We want to see you in our office for two reasons: we want to give you the best smile possible, and we like making new friends. Here’s what you can expect when you visit us.

Step 1

Give us a call to set your visit or schedule your free consultation online: 270.683.0275.

Step 2

Walk in the door and be greeted by our awesome front desk team. They’re really fun, and you’ll wonder where they’ve been your whole life. Seriously. They also like high fives.

Step 3

Our experienced treatment coordinator will then meet with you to lend you her ear. She loves to find out your goals for treatment, and address any questions or concerns you may have before your consultation begins.

Step 4

You’ll meet one of our amazing doctors (they’re not quite as fun as the front desk team, but they’re still pretty cool), who will do a smile and bite assessment. If treatment is necessary, they’ll explain their recommendations in detail, including how treatment will work, what it will accomplish, how long it will last and how much it will cost. This consultation is completely free (plus you get coffee and muffins).

Step 5

The next step is up to you – if you need time to consider your options, that’s completely fine. We know it’s a big decision. We also know you’re busy, so we can start treatment at that same visit by taking diagnostic records (photos and radiographs) and doing an iTero scan. (This is our state-of-the-art scanner that helps us make molds of your teeth without using the traditional, goopy stuff you were probably dreading. See, we like you, so we’re helping you out here.)

Step 6

We’ll lay out a treatment schedule so you know exactly when you’ll be coming back to hang out with your new friends. Oh, and we’ll get your smile straightened out too.

Appointment Request

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Patient Forms

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