Frequently Asked Questions

How much do braces cost?

Every patient is different, so to give you an accurate answer, we’ll need to see you in our office for a complimentary consultation. Once our doctors do an exam, we’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate during that same visit.

How long will treatment take?

Each patient’s treatment time will depend on their specific orthodontic needs. We focus on delivering a perfect smile for you, not on how fast we can do it. Most of our comprehensive cases fall in the 12–24 month range. Depending on the difficulty of a case and patient compliance, some cases may be shorter and some may be longer.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

You will have to come in to the office for a complimentary consultation to make sure, but we can treat 95 percent of adult and teen orthodontic cases with Invisalign.

Does Invisalign cost more?

If we decide together that Invisalign is the best treatment for you, it will not cost any more than traditional braces—the costs to you are exactly the same.

Do you take payments?

Most definitely! We know orthodontic treatment is a large investment, so we will work with you to make it as affordable as possible. We typically start with a down payment and spread the balance out with monthly payments over the course of your treatment plan—and sometimes even longer.

Are there other fees?

The fee we quote you includes everything from the beginning of treatment to the end of retention. We prefer to give you one comprehensive fee rather than nickel-and-dime you at every visit.

Is treatment going to hurt?

You might feel a little pressure, but you should not feel any significant pain. When you exercise, your muscles are often sore afterwards—your teeth may feel sore in a similar way after treatment.

When can I get started?

We start patients with a complimentary consultation in our office that will determine your exact treatment needs. Once we have finished the exam, our treatment coordinator will discuss your treatment plan and give you a cost estimate. We understand you may need some time to think about your decision, but if you’re ready to rock ‘n roll, we can often get started right away with our iTero scan of your mouth. We’re a one-stop shop!

Do you take insurance?

Yes! We will file your insurance for you (we can even do a pre-treatment estimate) and then we deal directly with you after that. This means you will pay us for treatment and then get reimbursed from your insurance company with the amount they will pay. We will work with any insurance company, even if we are not officially listed in their preferred provider list. We can’t guarantee anything except our willingness to work hard for you to get your benefits.

At what age should you first evaluate kids for orthodontics?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends you have have your child evaluated by age 7. On the other end of the spectrum, you’re never too old. We currently have a 77-year-old patient!


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